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Management Team:


Rebekah White:

Operations Manager





Cathy Biggins:





Mission Statement:

At Green Light Delivery our mission is simple. We want to be our clients favorite service provider. We accomplish this by providing reliable and timely delivery service with a professional appearance and a friendly attitude. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Success Factors:

Service - Our customer service attitude is the heart and soul of Green Light Delivery. We hold company-wide training sessions on the importance of customer service and having a positive attitude while on the job. Additionally, our management teams compensation is based on customer retention and satisfaction.

Driver selection - We are very picky about the drivers we hire. Sometimes we have to sort through 100 applications to find one driver that is a good fit for our business.

Performance - Both management and drivers are reviewed regularly and given feedback based on client feedback and performance relative to Green Light Deliverys goals and procedures.

Support - Our management and drivers are available 24-hours a day, including nights, weekends and holidays to meet your delivery needs.

Technology - At Green Light Delivery we use proven technologies to improve efficiency and ensure accuracy. Management keeps a close watch on new industry technologies to implement new systems when they are in our clients best interest.

- With a broad customer base and a cross-trained management team Green Light Delivery is designed to service its customer base through any economic condition or irregular occurrence.

Flexibility - We tailor company systems and processes to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Improvement - At Green Light Delivery we want to harness knowledge and feedback so that every day is better than the day before. Management regularly reviews both internal and external feedback including advice from our clients, our staff and industry experts.

We want to be your favorite service provider.

At Green Light Delivery we go to great lengths to employ only the most reliable and professional drivers. In addition to learning our logistical reliability systems and client specific package handling requests our drivers are trained on the importance of customer service, having a positive attitude and simple business etiquette. Green Light Delivery drivers are required to keep a clean appearance consistent with our clients expectations and our company pride.


Green Light Delivery is bonded and insured. If you would like details of our insurance policy, or to have a certificate sent to you, just give us a call.



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